Essays in Tricycle

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“Beyond Language”
Finding freedom through thoughts and words
Tricycle (Summer 2011)
Please see version edited for Experience: “Beyond Language”

“Revealing a World of Bliss”
Norman Fischer explains how the Buddha was able to transmit the heart of his teaching simply by twirling a flower.
Tricycle (Winter 2006)

“Saved From Freezing”
The Spirituality of Art
Tricycle (Spring 2005)
Please see version edited for Experience: “Saved From Freezing”

“On Conferences: The Second Gethsemani Encounter”
Zoketsu Norman Ficher chronicles the second international meeting of Christian and Buddhist contemplatives.
Tricycle (Fall 2002)

“Why Do We Bow?”
Tricycle (Spring 1997)

“Buddhism, Racism, And Jazz”
Tricycle (Summer 1993)

“Into Emptiness: A Mother's Death”
Tricycle (Spring 1992)