A note on the visual poetry of Whalen, Grenier, and Lazer

Norman reflects on the visual poetry of Philip Whalen, Robert Grenier, and Hank Lazer:

From the beginning of my writing, I have been concerned with (floored by) the fact of a word, or a letter, as a thing, a physical, elemental, thing — and the act of contemplating such a thing. In the late ’60s, I noticed the poems of Aram Saroyan — one word, say, “crickets” — printed repeatedly in a single column, in Courier type, down the page. My first works were less poems or writing per se about something than memorials to the fact of words, that they appear and seem to signify. Three poets who have been over many decades important to me have developed this material aspect of writing considerably: Philip Whalen in his doodle poems, Robert Grenier in his poem scrawls, and Hank Lazer with his shape poems.

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Norman Fischer, “A note on the visual poetry of Whalen, Grenier, and Lazer," Jacket2 (May 23, 2014 ).