Charlotte’s Way

Norman Fischer’s long poem takes as its place Charlotte’s Way, a house on the California coast, but mostly the poem takes things in. Fischer, a Zen priest, meditates on talk, the passing of time, the brain, catness, bills to be paid, poems, search parties, birds and myriad other subjects as they flicker in and out of thought.

Terri Wada’s design emphasizes the fluidity of Fischer's thinking; rather than turning from one page to the next, the chapbook opens out, filling both space and time.

Kane`ohe, HI: TinFish Press (January 1, 2008)

These poems, written on a dramatic cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, integrate us as readers into that weave of sea, cloud, land, and light in which poet’s and reader’s minds partake, being a kindred matter in constant flux.
— Hank Lazer