PennSound Collection: Readings 1980-2014

A compendium of recordings of readings given by Norman at various locations from 1980 — 2014 collected at PennSound, a project of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives.

Includes Charles Bernstein's Close Listening program (see below) featuring an interview with Norman and readings from:

  • I Was Blown Back
  • Slowly but Dearly
  • Success: A Poem
  • Turn Left in Order to Go Right

Along with additional readings from:

  • Escape This Crazy Life of Tears (Japan, July 2010)
  • The Strugglers
  • Slowly but Dearly
  • Opening to You: Zen Inspired Translations of the Psalms
  • Success
  • Among others


  • Fischer & Charles Bernstein on “Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Practice,” at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, May 11, 2010